Month: August 2020


Gold Creek Ford Approach Restored

Buckhorn and Peninsula Chapters of BCHW submitted for two projects in the northeast portion of the Olympic National Forest to be funded by the Title II distribution of the Secure Rural Schools Act.   Title II funds are spent to benefit the public’s use of the National Forest and includes road improvements on access roads, noxious weed treatments, youth crew employment, watershed enhancement, and recreation … Read More Gold Creek Ford Approach Restored

Summer Greetings!

The flowers are in their glory, evenings are pleasantly warm and our ponies love the morning sun. Unfortunately, we remain in a state of separation. Our August meeting is canceled as well as any work parties. This is our status until further notice. But, for your information, the Board has “Zoomed ” and we’re on schedule with a current grant and are going to … Read More Summer Greetings!