It was a cold sunny morning as we met at Cat Lake Rd. on Saturday. In attendance were myself, Rod Farlee of Peninsula Chapter with the Peninsula tool trailer, Juelie Dalzell of Peninsula and Buckhorn Range chapters, Sally Dean, Helen Shewman and Gail Rase of Buckhorn Range chapter.

Originally planned as a work party on the new Cat Lake Trail being roughed out with an excavator by Powell Jones (Peninsula Trails Coalition) , it was determined by Tom Mix, Work Project maestro for Peninsula Chapter, that the tread was too wet to be worked yet so we shifted our efforts to the far end of the Diamond Point Loop Trail where an old culvert pull has been a problem for many years. Del Sage (Peninsula) had taken a tractor in and dug out the north approach and rough-graded back to the gated end of the trail. We were going to smooth out and grade the approaches and trail, and open up the drainage for the extremely muddy
crossing. Rod Farlee used his chainsaw skills to remove a couple of downed logs, Then spent the rest of the day brushing trail while the rest of the crew used macleods to do the tread work. I got on the business end of a shovel and dug a 30-foot ditch to address the drainage problem.

This was a good day working on a long-neglected trail that is now rideable with stunning views of Discovery Bay and Beckett Point across the Bay. Thank you to everyone who participated. Pictures can be viewed at

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