We are holding a work party on Saturday Feb 1 at the Jefferson County Horse Park on Cape George Road.   The work will begin at 10 am.   If it rains hard, we will be out of there by 10:01.   If it rains a little, we will work much longer.

The task at hand is a simple one – clean up the scotchbroom around the parking lot and make the area more slightly.

I plan to burn that scotch broom pile that has been sitting there since we were young.   We will pile the fire with more broom that we cut with whatever tools we have…………loppers, brush cutters, knives, swords, saws, trained beavers, and hand pull (for the macho).   I know folks are worried about what we will do if we get all the scotch broom pulled.   Not to worry – there’s an endless supply.

We need to get rid of the old steel gate.   Maybe stuff it into someone’s trunk when they aren’t looking.  

Please bring gloves, cutting tools if you have them, and maybe a wheelbarrow too if you have it.  This is a Bring Your Own Refreshments work party so we won’t have the usual oyster shooters and lemons.  

Hopefully this year, we will finally get the opportunity to build the world class Happy Horse Trail across the horse park.

I don’t have any virtual glasses this time so you won’t think you’re working in Hawaii.

Thanks to all who show up!!   It’s 2020 and time to get excited about a new year. 

Contact me with any questions.

Jeff Chapman,

Buckhorn Range Chapter Director

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