I would like to thank all those that made the LeBar work party successful and fun.   It was one of those planned events that could either have worked or not worked.   We had 44 yards of gravel being delivered to a locked gated campground in the mountains (LeBar) so it could have been a true disaster if everything didn’t happen like clockwork.   For example, the USFS staff needed to make it to the campground just ahead of us to unlock the gate, which did in fact happen.   It was a welcomed sight for USFS staff Jai and James to be at the gates Friday morning ahead of  Juelie and I with the gravel truck (first load) following us.

Between Friday and Saturday, we filled the camp up with volunteers.   Most all the gravel was spread (except about 5 yards piled saved for later) with Nancy Scott on her Kubota.    We had a plan to replace 6 highline cables.   In fact, Larry (and crew Kris and Pat) replaced 8.   The campground was completely brushed and all sites were spruced up.  Campground trails were opened up and graveled.  Picnic tables were repaired.

A few volunteers came with horses for the purpose of scouting the trail and identifying blocking logs.   This was done along with some additional help from local riders.   Not only did they identify the blocking logs, but Bob, Jim H (with chain saw), Donna H, and Terry Monroe (with pack horse) went in afterwards on Sunday to cut them out.   They opened up the main loop from the horse camp to Camp Comfort and back. (One hanging log was too low to ride under – Bob went back the following Saturday and lowered the tread so a horse can safely pass until it can be removed). Now there is a reason to go back with riding horses to camp.

Karma and Rick came up to make everyone dinner Saturday night as well as breakfast and lunch on Sunday.   I just hope they got out of there Sunday before the gate gets locked, or they may be there for the rest of the month!!!

This was a grant project that Buckhorn Range committed to, and we met most of that commitment.   There is still some funds to spend, and we may spend it spreading more gravel.   It was a highly successful weekend other than one rider finger smash and one lost cell phone.  

LeBar Horse Camp officially opened the same week..   While we showed our willingness to invest in the horse camp, the effort to keep it open for stock is just beginning.   It is important for folks to use the camp when it officially opens.  

On a somewhat similar note, the next drainage north, the North Fork Skokomish (Cushman/Staircase) was closed last year because of crowding and irresponsible dispersed campers.   The USFS just imposed an alcohol ban on dispersed camping in that drainage for 2 years.

The may drive some partying campers to the South Fork Skok where LeBar is.   Horse use at LeBar will help us with “staking our turf” preserving the campground, so make sure you come or come back if you were with our work party!! Jeff 

More photos can be found at https://photos.app.goo.gl/Mrw318RGABKYeVsx6 

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