Mark your calendar for Friday, October 14th, 7PM, TriArea Community Center

We have a great program to offer about Equine Emergency Preparedness (EEP).  Chief Brett Black of East Jefferson County Fire Department will present about fire prevention and awareness  for stock owners. This is open to all members and guests. This will include information on the Fire Department’s role in responding to wildfires, earthquakes, and other disasters that could require evacuation. He will also discuss the concept of YOYO, Your Are On Your Own, and the need for each individual to be prepared and take responsibility for prevention and preparedness.  He will discuss Shelter in Place and how to be prepared for that. It is a great opportunity to ask any questions about these issues to someone who has been intricately involved in wildfires in California such as the big Paradise fire. His experience and insight are invaluable and we are very thankful he is taking the time to join us.

A short business meeting will follow Chief Black’s presentation.

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